The Final Countdown

While on the surface I pretend to be okay with the fact that I leave this paradise tomorrow, my subconscious is attempting to eat its way out.

It’s like I’m passive-aggressively sad eating because I don’t want to leave.


Yesterday I went to Red Velvet Bakery and inhaled this red velvet cupcake in Mimi’s honor, after which I decided to buy a giant homemade Oreo to take home and share with my roommates.


Today I spent the morning packing up my things and then drowned my sorrows in the most amazing biscuit and jam ever from Nola Bakery (also ate a salad because, you know, protein).


Yeah, I might have a problem.

This blog has been quite cathartic for me during my two months in Tel Aviv. It’s been my own sort of (public) diary. Rather than being a burden, it’s been a way for me to creatively express what I’ve been doing here for the last eight weeks. It’s also a means of exploring daily life in Israel and proving to you that it’s not just a warzone.

I’ve gotten numerous complements on my writing and it’s definitely a confidence boost. Some of what I thought were my worst blog posts ended up getting the most praise from friends and family. I’m seriously considering starting a food blog, but then again, isn’t everyone?


In case you haven’t noticed, I suck at concluding paragraphs. I hate summing up everything that I’ve already mentioned because I feel that it’s pointless, and it’s hard for me to come up with a tie-in to pull everything together. I finally got the hang of it with my last post (go figure) but this time I’m just not sure what angle to take.

I was hesitant to write this post and kept putting it off because it’s pretty much just one giant concluding paragraph to my blog, to this trip, to the last two months. I thought about different ways to write it: numbers (how many food tours I went on, how many falafels I ate, etc.), inviting my peers to guest post about their food experiences at work, things that I learned this trip.

But all of that is too hard. First of all, there’s no way I could have kept track of the number of times I ate any certain thing because all I did this trip was spend money on food, food, and more food. My peers didn’t have enough information for me and I’ve learned far too many things to even attempt to summarize them.

So here we are, essay style (#college).


Last night we went to Wings, which is a pretty self-explanatory place (a wing restaurant, obviously). While we were there we started chatting with the cashier, a girl a few years older than us from northern Canada who went to McGill and decided to make aliyah after graduating.

Interesting how she was working in a wing joint with a college degree, right? But she seemed happy. She asked us about our internships and I explained that I worked with Delicious Israel. Her face lit up and she asked if that was a culinary tour company. When I said yes, she asked all about my internship and the specific things that I did this summer.

I told her that my boss was in the process of hiring a new tour guide, and at the thought of getting a job with Delicious Israel I could tell the cashier was excited. We exchanged emails and I plan on forwarding her information on to my boss.

You’re probably wondering why I’m telling you this story, but the point is that I spent the last eight weeks doing what I love. Writing about food, learning about food, taking pictures of food, trying new foods. It’s easy to see why someone would want to get involved in this industry.


Some people might think it’s excessive, but I’m not lying when I say my entire day revolves around food. But it’s not (usually) in the gluttonous, omg-I-need-to-be-eating-every-second way, it’s just that I appreciate food. I appreciate good food and good people and a good atmosphere.

My goal this summer was to determine if this thing, the world of food publications, is something that I want to be involved with for the rest of my life. I can say with a resounding yes that it is. It’s my career path. I mean, Mary Bilyeu (the Food Editor at The Toledo Blade) basically said so.

I’ve recently discovered the Master of Liberal Arts in Gastronomy program at Boston University (with a specialization in communications) and I plan on pursuing this degree after graduation. My linguistics background will give me an edge with my writing skills, as linguistics is often a prerequisite to journalism.

Warning: food porn ahead (aka random food photos I haven’t posted on here yet).













You can ask me my favorite Tel Aviv restaurant, but I won’t be able to answer. You can ask me my favorite market in Israel, but I won’t be able to answer that either. My favorite dish from this trip? Nice try.

I ate too much, I spent too much money, but I don’t regret anything. I accomplished my goal and had a great time doing it. I’ll always look back on this as an amazing summer with amazing people, amazing food, and an amazing atmosphere.

Eat well,


P.S. Thanks for helping me reach over 3,300 views this summer ❤

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